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4flow consulting

4flow consulting

4flow consulting works together with businesses in the field of logistics and supply chain – from strategy to implementation.

In project teams, we work on a wide scope of topics in supply chain and logistics, from supply chain strategy to intralogistics and production and transportation management. We also work with our global customers to realize SAP and supply chain transformations and develop machine learning solutions to automate and improve logistics and supply chain processes.

In all our projects, we focus on developing innovative concepts, optimizing complex supply chain processes and achieving measurable successes. Our customers include global market leaders from large and mid-sized companies from a range of industries including automotive manufacturing and supply, machinery manufacturing, retail and wholesale, consumer goods, and pharmaceuticals and medical technology.

The duration of a project varies according to the scope and complexity of the topic. Project teams are always made up of an average of two to five consultants. Regardless of experience level, all team members assume responsibility – be it for individual tasks, supervising project components or leading projects and supervising the work of fellow team members.

Working at 4flow


Remote Work

Thanks to our remote work policy and modern IT equipment, you have the freedom and flexibility to work remotely in most countries. This means that you are not tied to any of our office locations and can work from the comfort of home within your country.

Working at 4flow

At 4flow you can expect excellent development opportunities, a rich international network for sharing knowledge and fun at work.

The results we get and our company culture have been honored and awarded repeatedly – success that can only be achieved with an excellent and motivated team. That’s why the personal and professional development of each 4flower is of special importance to us. 4flow supports its team members with an in-house training program, individualized training, and doctoral research programs. Opportunities for continuous learning enable long-term career prospects for our team members.

A strong team that works together globally

No matter your location, functional area, or language spoken: We 4flowers have something in common that allows us to work together in flexible teams whenever it’s needed. And we’re always ready and willing to share our knowledge.

Multinational teams and projects that take place across locations are an everyday occurrence for us. We’re supported by a flexible work environment, modern IT equipment and a strong team we can count on. We maintain and build our strong team spirit with fun activities like annual team getaways, a summer party that includes our families, company runs, and all kinds of team events.

New Work in our offices

At 4flow you have the opportunity to work in our offices and/or remotely. The concept for our modern offices follows our New Work standards. In addition to shared desk areas, our offices also have rooms for collaborative teamwork and quiet retreats, for instance in ourspecially designed telephone cabins, parent-child offices and sports rooms. Various workspaces and chill-out zones offer space for creativity and short breaks. Additionally, health and well-being are encouraged in various ways such as sports and movement events, free drinks and organic fruit.

Insights into the life of a consultant at 4flow consulting

Learn from Katharina and Denis about everyday work life in consulting and hear some of their highlights of working at 4flow.

4flow consulting
4flow consulting

Get to know our team!

Henrieke – Senior Consultant, München
Henrieke – Senior Consultant, München

„At 4flow, you benefit from the knowledge colleagues share with each other. People are willing to help out and they always make time for you. Everyone works together – that sets us apart.“

The world of logistics and supply chain is becoming increasingly complex and harder to predict by the minute: When will items arrive? Where should they be kept or warehoused? These are the questions being asked time and time again by our customers. My job as a consultant is to meet these challenges by working together with customers to optimize their supply chain processes. I like to work analytically, which enables me to approach tasks in a structured way. For example, I first determine our customers’ current situation and then go about determining further possibilities. And of course, I work with them to implement the possibilities we identified.

Abhijit – Principial SAP, Stuttgart
Abhijit – Principial SAP, Stuttgart

„At 4flow we work on future-oriented and innovative topics. And in order to make progress accordingly, we are granted the responsibility and freedom that is necessary.“

As a principal at 4flow consulting, I am responsible for setting up and expanding our SAP field of work. I work on a wide range of IT and organizational topics related to digital supply chain transformation with SAP. What interests me in particular is working with customers to address all the different challenges in supply chain management and helping them prepare for the issues that will develop with time. I like to familiarize myself with new topics and I enjoy working on new products and services that can offer our customers ever greater benefits.

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