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From standard to stand-out – software products and development at 4flow

Collaborate to develop software solutions for the future of supply chain.

Together we reach the next technological level. As part of the team for software products and development, you’re always one step ahead of the curve: you develop comprehensive transportation management systems, supply chain network design solutions, as well as material and transportation planning software. With your passion for software and innovation, you help our customers prepare their supply chains for the future. You always ask the right questions to understand our customers’ and your users’ requirements – and you execute your ideas with precision and an eye for detail. What makes us different? In addition to our customers, our own consulting and transportation and supply chain management teams use our software products every day. That means you’ll find users just a few doors away. Also good to know: we provide our customers with customized solutions, either as an integrated solution in an existing system landscape or as a stand-alone solution. Either way, in software products and development, your expertise will always help create sustainable value for global supply chains.

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Henriette – Senior Product Owner, Berlin
Henriette – Senior Product Owner, Berlin

„At 4flow, each day is different –the tasks are both challenging and interesting.”

As a product manager for 4flow vista®, I act as an interface between our customers and the developer teams at 4flow. Users of our supply chain and transportation planning software usually have customization requirements to match specific business needs. Together with our developers, I help transform these requests into manageable technical requirements. A big part of my daily work involves communication. I channel and prioritize customer requests, develop concepts and product strategies and support their implementation. Because I work with people from different areas in the company, I see what happens elsewhere. What I find remarkable is the way people truly work together. There is always someone available to support you when you need it. The working atmosphere is extremely positive – and the many team events contribute to this.


Which programming language and technology do you use?
We do most of our programming in Java and JavaScript/TypeScript. In general, we use whatever language best suits the task at hand, so you’ll also find Python, Bash, Groovy and Go in our repositories. For our apps, we mainly rely on the SpringBoot and Angular frameworks. Our services run in containers in various cloud environments. Our tech stack also includes other tools that are required to develop and operate modern service-based applications, like relational databases (MySQL, Postgres), Apacha Kafka as a streaming platform, Grafana for monitoring, Ansible for infrastructure management and Hashicorp Nomad for orchestrating services.

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