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Supply Chain Consulting

From vision to reality – consulting at 4flow

Advise businesses in logistics and supply chain management projects – from strategy to implementation.

Whether you’re working on strategic topics, intralogistics, transportation or data science, no matter if a project is long or short, or if the customer is a multinational corporation or a mid-sized business – as a consultant at 4flow, you’ll experience the full range of supply chain management. Show what you’ve got and take on real responsibility, whether it’s for specific tasks or the whole project. You’ll always have a team by your side that is specially built for each project. You’ll support each other with your expertise, learn from one another and grow together. As a team, you’ll find innovative solutions that bring your customers measurable results. That’s how you make your vision a reality.

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  • Do you enjoy having a variety of projects and adapt quickly?
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  • Can you stay motivated, even if a project demands a lot from you?
  • Is customer satisfaction a priority for you – so much so, that you’re only happy when you’ve found the best possible solution?

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In the next step, we can find out together if you’re more drawn to large data sets, planning and implementing intralogistics concepts or the more general area of management consulting. Either way, we have the right job for you.

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Modern office design

Shared desks, phone booths, recreation rooms, chill-out areas

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Competitive compensation package, private mobility options, annual bonus, corporate benefits membership

Health and wellness programs

Company doctors, health insurance, employee assistance program, (mental) health events

Development and support

Individual training and coaching, LinkedIn learning, leadership program, support with PhDs, bachelor’s and master’s theses, language courses, individual training budget

Global presence

English as the corporate language, projects and teams across countries, international business travel

Team culture

Corporate social responsibility initiatives, team trips, summer parties, Christmas celebrations, weekly highlights like breakfast or lunch, team events, sports events

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Henrike – Senior Consultant, München
Henrike – Senior Consultant, München

„At 4flow, you benefit from the knowledge colleagues share with each other. People are willing to help out and they always make time for you. Everyone works together – that sets us apart.“

The world of logistics and supply chain is becoming increasingly complex and harder to predict by the minute: When will items arrive? Where should they be kept or warehoused? These are the questions being asked time and time again by our customers. My job as a consultant is to meet these challenges by working together with customers to optimize their supply chain processes. I like to work analytically, which enables me to approach tasks in a structured way. For example, I first determine our customers’ current situation and then go about determining further possibilities. And of course, I work with them to implement the possibilities we identified.


Is it possible to specialize in a specific area?
The world of supply chain is diverse. If you want to start in logistics engineering or data science, you’ll specialize in your area from the beginning. If you choose to start in management consulting, you’ll grow familiar with all kinds of industries, topics and projects from day one. That way, you’ll gain diverse experience to prepare for all kinds of challenges that might come your way in your career. When you reach the level of project lead, you can choose which area you want to specialize in.

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