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Transport & Supply Chain Management

From good to greatest – transport and supply chain management at 4flow

Transform supply chain planning, optimization and management for our international customers.

Whether optimizing inventory, transport routes or processes for planning and managing our customers' supply chains – in the transport and supply chain management team at 4flow, you will have the opportunity to reach your full potential and show what you’re made of. You’ll be responsible for managing transport routes, coordinating inventory reduction and introducing solutions to conserve resources. You’ll build long-term customer relationships, so you know your customers' supply chain networks in detail and always maintain an overview as an external party. With in-depth analysis, you’ll optimize inventory, transport routes and processes and ensure they run smoothly – so everything is in the right place at the right time. You’ll leverage data and apply new technologies like AI to make data-driven decisions and promote continuous supply chain innovation. At the same time, you’ll impress your customers with actionable ways to optimize their supply chains. You won’t just develop your customers’ supply chains, but also your career. 

You’ll always have your team at your side. You’ll grow together over the long term and develop standardized solutions for your customers. This is how you create not just good, but great global supply chains.

Is transport and supply chain management at 4flow right for you? Take the test!

Want to get a better idea what transport and supply chain management at 4flow is all about? Answer these questions and find out if it could be a fit for you, and if planning or execution appeals to you more. 

Is planning the right fit for you?

  • Are you excited by long-term projects with a stable team? 
  • Do you want to develop long-term concepts and continuously optimize results for our customers?
  • Are you passionate about using data and new technologies to make decisions?
  • Do you enjoy working closely with other people?

Are most of your answers yes? Then planning is probably the right choice for you. 

Or maybe execution is a better fit for you?

  • Do you prefer lots of variety, with new challenges every day?
  • Do you enjoy coordinating daily order processing or transport and developing creative solutions to ensure everything runs smoothly?
  • Are you passionate about transport and supply chain and looking for an international working environment?
  • Are you a team player motivated to provide the best possible service for our customers? 

Did you answer most questions with a yes? Then execution is likely the right fit for you.
Both planning and execution sound like your thing? Even better! Either way, we have the right job for you.

Your benefits at 4flow

Modern office design

Shared desks, phone booths, recreation rooms, chill-out areas

Compensation & bonuses

Competitive compensation package, private mobility options, annual bonus, corporate benefits membership

Health and wellness programs

Company doctors, health insurance, employee assistance program, (mental) health events

Development and support

Individual training and coaching, LinkedIn learning, leadership program, support with PhDs, bachelor’s and master’s theses, language courses, individual training budget

Global presence

English as the corporate language, projects and teams across countries, international business travel

Team culture

Corporate social responsibility initiatives, team trips, summer parties, Christmas celebrations, weekly highlights like breakfast or lunch, team events, sports events

Get to know our team!

Klára – Coordinator Operations, Pilsen
Klára – Coordinator Operations, Pilsen

„What I like most is how exciting and diverse the work can be.“

I started at 4flow as a logistics specialist in Pilsen in 2015 and now as a coordinator, I am responsible for leading my team. Over my time at 4flow, I’ve had the opportunity to work on different customer projects in the automotive industry. My responsibilities have included managing customer supply networks from different parts of the world, facilitating in the setup of required processes, as well as motivating and supporting team members.

I currently work part-time. This model allows me to spend time with my family while pursuing my career at 4flow in an area I really enjoy.

Tamas – Manager Transport Planning, Budapest
Tamas – Manager Transport Planning, Budapest

“Through networking with colleagues, starters at 4flow learn lots fast.”

I was one of the first team members at the Budapest office. While the application process was intensive, it left me with a positive impression. An organization that invests so much effort in carefully selecting its team clearly sees the value in teamwork. And this was exactly my impression of the departments I was introduced to in my first few days of work. Networking across locations and divisions is so important to the work we do. It makes the working environment at 4flow personal while the number of office locations around the world continues to grow.



What does a typical workday look like in planning? 
You will take on the planning and optimization of transport networks and work closely as a team with one customer. You’ll work on your tasks both independently and as a team and present the results to your customer.

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